Indulge in the northern seafood.Please soak yourself into the hot spring which is very gentle to the skin, and heal the tiredness of your [Mind] and [Body]. We are aiming at becoming the hotel at where you can relax yourself as much as you like.Therefore, we are sincerely looking forward to your arrival.

Natural hot spring [ Fureai no Yu (Hot water of rapport) ]

The hot spring at our hotel is the fossiliferous seawater type springing up from underground of 1,200m depth. So includes a large amount of various hot spring elements. Such good quality hot spring of the northern land is very effective in working off your fatigue and beautifying your skin.

Hot spring that is very gentle to the body. The temperature of the hot water inside the large bathroom is set to 41 degrees. It will warm you to the marrow.

Opening hours 5:00AM to 9:00AM and 2:00PM to 11:00PM

Low temperature gas and far-infrared ray sauna

If you use sauna after warming up your body at the hot spring, it can further enhance the whole bathing effect.
As for the effect, it will undoubtedly result in losing weight. It can also polish up and moisturize your skin. Moreover, it is effective in healing sleeplessness, tiredness, and releasing your stress.
The far-infrared radiation is of the wavelength easily be absorbed by human body, so it will stimulate your hypodermic cell and blood circulation and make you sweat as if you are doing exercises. The far-infrared radiation sauna gives you the ideal perspiration effect and contributes your healthcare significantly.

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Wakkanai Grand Hotel

13-11, 2 Chome, Daikoku, Wakkanai City, Hokkaido


It is located in the downtown of Minami Wakkanai, so it is very convenient not only to business travelers but also to the tourists. Moreover, there is a lot of restaurants around the hotel.
The hotel has got a large natural hot spring bathroom. It can be used by all the hotel residents free of charge.